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Terri Glendon Lanza, CAMUS President
- ASKTERRI - Glendale Heights, IL:

Ed Stein- Vice President of CAMUS - United Electric Company / MagicAire- Wichita Falls, TX;

Terry Floyd - Past President of CAMUS
- The Support Group, Austin, TX;

Terry Simpkins (Secretary/Treasurer) -
Measurements Specialties, Hampton, VA;

John Serdensky -
Westerbeke, Taunton,MA;

Bob Andreini -
Measurements Specialties, Hampton, VA;

Mike Anderson (Past President) -
ThermaWave, Fremont, CA;

Chris Jones -
Newburyport, MA;

As a customer and as a fixture at ASK and since 1994 working as ASKTERRI, Terri has helped users and CAMUS for sometime. If there is a grouping of MANMAN users or former ASK people, she'll be nearby. She has been working with MANMAN since 1982
Ed has 20+ years experience with HP3000/Manman at five companies, including MagicAire where he is the IT Manager. At CAMUS, he serves as VP and Membership Chairman.
Terry Floyd started at ASK and went on to find The Support Group. He is currently supporting the HP and MANMAN with the others at the Support Group.

Terry has been there, done that with MANMAN.

We are lucky to have him as an important part of CAMUS
Terry started in the midwest, moved to the west coast and has ended up in Virginia. He is the IT manager there. At CAMUS Terry is the Treasurer and Secretary. He has worked on the HP for most of his career.
John is new to the CAMUS Board. He has attended many MANMAN conferences over the years. He is head of Engineering at Westerbeke.
Bob is Global IS/IT Director for Measurement Specialties, Inc. Prior to MSI, Bob Andreini was CIO for a plastics manufacturer in IL and throughout Europe. Bob is recognized as an expert in process and data management, information consolidation, and has developed his own Business Intelligence solution. He has been very active in user groups including CAMUS.
Mike has been supporting MANMAN on the HP3000 in small IT departments within various industries since 1984, including a recent migration to SAP.
It's been a fun ride through the Fortran 77 conversion, Y2K, Sunsetting and SOX
Chris has worked as a long time customer, at ASK and on his own for 15 years. He attended every MANMAN conference from 1985 to 2007. Chris is new to the Board, but not new to CAMUS. He now is with a consulting group called Merittech, but still maintains connections to the MANMAN community.